Haida hands, Haida lands, working together

"Our mission is to protect our land and spirit  because we have learned from our ancestors  that the land is critical to the culture and the spirit of the Haida People. 

Haida Corporation is committed to maintain the ownership and stewardship of the land. 

We will maintain a profitable, Native owned Corporation that makes a difference in the lives of present and future shareholders through economic benefits, while promoting culture and heritage."


     Haida Corporation
    Corporate Office

P.O. Box 89
Hydaburg, Alaska 99922

   Phone:     (907) 285-3721
Fax:         (907) 285-3944
   Toll Free:  1-800-478-3721

     Office Hours:
     Monday - Friday
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Haida Corporation is a village corporation chartered under the Alaska Native Settlement Act of 1971. The corporation’s shareholders are primarily Haida people, whose families are from Hydaburg, Alaska on Prince of Wales Island.  

The Haida Corporation manages lands and investments and is in the process of developing a renewable energy project to benefit south Prince of Wales Island.